Andrew Baker

Andrew is the editor of the Weekend section of The Daily Telegraph.   'Where Am I and Who's Winning?' is his first book...read more


Louis Barfe

Louis Barfe (the one on the left) is an internationally recognised expert on all aspects of the entertainment industry....read more


Susie Boniface

Lillys Miles was the pseudonym for Susie, a tabloid journalist and blogger, whose online confessions of personal, marital and...read more


Adam Macqueen

Adam Macqueen writes for Private Eye and many other major  publications. He is also a regular broadcaster on Radio...read more


Ian Marchant

Ian has written fiction but now concentrates on non-fiction and is a frequent broadcaster on Radio 4 and a stage performer...read more


Geoff Marshall

Geoff is a freelance video producer making transport films for Londonist and his own YouTube channel...read more


Tony Booth

Tony Booth’s new book, Hitler’s Harlots, will tell for the first time the true story of the Berlin-based brothel Salon Kitty...read more


Bill Broady

Bill's first novel was 'Swimmer' (Flamingo), a striking, supple and direct novel.  It tells the story of a girl who, having hidden...read more


Michael Carson

Michael Carson was born in post-war Wallasey and was brought up as a devout Catholic.  He is well known for his Benson trilogy...read more

Amal Portrait.jpg

Amal Chatterjee

Amal has written for a range of audiences, on a variety of subjects, has written plays and has published history, fiction and...read more


Anthea Church

Anthea’s novel'Fire-Fly', (Minerva Press 1995) was voted novel of the week by The Evening Standard. A complex book...read more


Kirkland Ciccone

Kirkland's new novel for children is 'Bubblegum and Brimstone'.​  Birdie Easton is a teenage witch with a lot of problems...read more


Katherine Clements

 'The vibrant new voice of historical fiction' (Suzannah Dunn).

​Katherine Clements' stunning debut conjures...read more


Maria McCann

Maria McCann is primarily a historical novelist whose novels explore power struggles, denial, obsession and self-deception...read more


Sam Meekings

Sam's remarkable debut novel 'Under Fishbone Clouds' tells the story of the lifelong love between the peasant boy Hou Jinyi and...read more


Jane Menczer

Set in London before the First World War, Jane Menczer's novel 'An Unlikely Agent' is narrated by Margaret Trant, who...read more


Katie Hutton

Katie is Irish and lives in Carrara, between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, with her Italian husband and...read more


Chris Neilan

Chris Neilan is an award-winning author, screenwriter and filmmaker.  He was shortlisted for the 2016 Sundance...read more


Ben Pedroche

Ben’s books about London history include Do Not Alight Here, London’s Lost Power Stations and Gasworks' and...read more


Vicki Pipe

Vicki is a museum education professional by trade but also an artist and improviser and often finds these things join together nicely.​..read more


Rose Collis

Rose Collis is a multi-media writer, alternative historian and performer. Her work includes biography, journalism, theatre...read more


Stephan Collishaw

Stephan's latest novel is 'A Child Called Happiness'(Legend). Three days after arriving in Zimbabwe, Natalie discovers...read more


Terry Darlington

After the immense success of his first two travel memoirs, 'Narrow Dog to Carcassonn' and 'Narrow Dog to Indian River'...read more


Lilian Pizzichini

Lilian's books include the award-winning 'Dead Men's Wages' and the acclaimed biography of Jean Rhys 'The Blue Hour'...read more


Audrey Reimann

Audrey is a supremely talented writer of historical fiction. Ebury acquired her five-novel backlist and will also be acquiring her future work...read more


Simon Rowbottom

When the pop group The Boo Radleys split up in 1999 after ten years of international fame and success their lead singer, Sice...read more


Leaf Fielding

Nigel ‘Leaf’ Fielding was one of the drug-dealers jailed as a result of 1977’s famous Operation Julie, celebrated by The Clash in...read more


Patricia Ferguson

Pat's first three novels were  published by Deutsch.  Her first book, 'Family Myths and Legends', won the Betty Trask, David Higham...read more

Liz Harvey pic_edited.jpg

Liz Harvey

Liz Harvey trained as a teacher and has worked in schools in London, Birmingham, Paris and Somerset. For several years she ran a...read more


Trisha Sakhlecha

Trisha Sakhlecha grew up in New Delhi and lives in London.  She works  is a graduate of the acclaimed Faber Academy writing course...read more


Kirsty Scott

Kirsty has worked for The Guardian

and teaches creative writing.  Her first novel, 'Mother's Day', was a best-seller...read more


Charlotte Seager

Charlotte Seager lives in London with her partner David and her cat Ruby. She grew up in the Suffolk countryside and moved to London...read more


George Gould

George Gould's childhood was misspent largely in south London, with a formative sojourn in Brussels. After reaping honours at...read more


Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes was working as a police intelligence analyst when she started writing fiction thanks to the annual challenge of...read more


Michael Irwin

Michael is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Canterbury.  He has had several novels published...read more


Frances Kay

Frances graduated in 1970 and has since worked with children and prisoners, and taught creative writing at Master's level...read more


Rachael McGill

‘Rachael writes with a rhythm and honesty that weave poetry from the prosaic’   Time Out.

​Rachael's novel...read more


Rupert Smith

Rupert Smith is the author of many works of fiction and non-fiction across several different genres. He won the Stonewall Writer...read more


Hannah Tovey

Hannah is from South Wales, but grew up in Hong Kong. She graduated from Faber Academy in 2018, after completing...read more


Rupert Smith

Rupert Smith is the author of many works of fiction and non-fiction across several different genres. He won the Stonewall Writer...read more


Allison Vale

Allison Vale has written more than a dozen books, many of which have indulged a fascination with the obscured lives of women...read more


Elizabeth Woodcraft

Elizabeth's first two crime novels were published by HarperCollins. Her third and fourth novels, set in the 1960s, are published by Bonnier...read more