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Audrey Reimann


Audrey Reimann is a supremely talented writer of historical sagas. Ebury Press acquired World English Language rights in Reimann’s five-novel backlist and will also be acquiring her future novels. Audrey was previously published by Bantam but, as her work has been neglected for too long we are thrilled that Ebury will be publishing her again and introducing her to a whole new readership, hungry for quality storyt-elling. One of the five books, ‘The Weeping Tree’, was recently named by the comedian Sarah Millican on the BBC Books programme as one of her favourite novels. She said, "This a book that will make you laugh and make you cry."

Audrey was brought up in Macclesfield where she was educated at the Macclesfield Grammar School for Girls. When she married she moved away from the town she loves but, she says, all her dreams are still set there. She and her husband now live in East Lothian.

Audrey has three children and is the proud grandmother of ten though she hastens to add that this clutch does include two sets of identical twin girls. Audrey has been variously a bank clerk, a nurse, a teacher of problem children and a foster mother to twenty-five. But above all, Audrey is a storyteller. Her short stories were never accepted for publication and it was not until she started to write her first novel 'The Moses Child', that she knew with certainty that she had found her writing niche.

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