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Copy-editing and Line-editing

Copy-editing is the process of checking for any mistakes, inconsistencies, inaccuracies or unintended repetition. It involves a great deal more than simply spell-checking.

Line-editing goes much more deeply into the text, checking for tone, style, consistency and also looking for places where a minimal amount of rewriting or reorganising can improve the effect of the whole.

Like a film editor or a record producer, the editor is your creative partner. A junior one of course, but an indispensible one.  He or she will make signifcant contributions to ensure that you tell your story to the best of your abilities. The copy-editor focuses on both small details and the big picture, at all times meticulous and technical while the line-editor will focus his or her awareness on the overarching themes and narrative strands of your work.

What kind of things would a copy-editor chase down?

Errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.

Inconsistency in spelling, capitalisation, font, numerals, hyphenation. 

Continuity errors and loose ends that are left dangling.

Factually incorrect statements. This is particularly important for non-fiction manuscripts and historical novels.

Inconsistency within the story. This includes character description, plot points, and setting.

It is a complex process but a good copy-editor will not sign off on a job until he or she is 100% satisfied that it is well and truly done

Line editing focuses on the clarity and effectiveness of your writing, asking questions such as:


Are any sentences awkward or confusing or simply not working hard enough?

Do any of the characters' motivations need to be made clearer?

Are any phrases a little lazy or cliché?

Is there scope to tighten up any sentences or paragraphs?

Is there any unintentional repetition?

Could a different choice of words heighten the emotional impact?

Is there too much telling and not enough showing?

David Smith, a partner in Annette Green Authors' Agency and The Creative Writing Consultancy is our chief editor.  He has been editing for over three decades. He remains in awe of the writer's skill and is committed to offering his first class support, assistance, imagination and experience to a project.

Price and Details

Depending on the extent of work required, we charge between £4.00 to £7.00 per 1,000 words.

Also depending on the length of the material, corrected copy will be returned in 7 to 14 days.

We work on word documents using the Track Changes function to make it easy for you to accept or reject alterations.

Please email all enquiries to


We accept cheques made payable to Annette Green Authors' Agency.

Please send them to:

Creative Writing Consultancy, 5 Henwoods Mount, Pembury, Kent, TN2 4BH.

Or pay by direct bank to bank transfer to

Account Number 92033437

Sort Code: 40-44-37 (HSBC)

Annette Green Authors' Agency


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