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Kirkland Ciccone


Kirkland's new novel for children is 'Bubblegum and Brimstone'.

Birdie Easton is a teenage witch with a lot of problems magic just can’t fix. Her best friend, a victim of an axe wielding serial killer, has returned from the dead to deliver a warning: the world is going to end in seven days. Everything and everyone will burn in the firestorm. Only one place will be left untouched in the apocalypse. One little building will stand firm against the fire: Hackensack High School. Birdie’s least favourite place in the world will be the only place left standing. Gathering the survivors of the apocalypse (and getting a date to the prom) will be tough, but underneath Birdie’s magically enhanced blonde hair is a brainy brunette with a plan. She’ll have to step up and unite the glamazons, freaks, geeks, skaters, preppies, teachers, motorheads, sportos, and learn that true love may be found in the most unlikely of places. But someone else will be at school with the survivors. And they have an axe to grind with teenagers.


This is Kirkland’s fourth novel. He has published three to date with the quality press Strident Publishing, performed at the International Edinburgh Book Festival and set up and funded Yay! YA, Scotland’s first book festival dedicated to YA fiction.

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