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Terry Darlington


After the immense success of his first two travel memoirs, Narrow Dog to Carcassonne and Narrow Dog to Indian River (both Transworld) Terry took a well-earned rest from narrow-boating all over the globe. 


Then one day disaster struck and an electrical fire in a boat moored alongside Terry's narrowboat got out of hand and destroyed his beloved Phyllis May.  Shaken but undaunted, Terry and Monica bought Phyllis May II and they returned to write Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier, this time taking Terry, his wife Monica, Jim the whippet and their new dog Jess around the canals of that strange and foreign place, the north of England. 


On his journey, Terry shares with us the remarkable story of his life from a perilous war-time childhood through the heights of academia and on to huge success in business.  It's a memoir both hilarious and beautifully touching.


Transworld published Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier in 2012.

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