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Susie Boniface


Lillys Miles was the pseudonym for a tabloid journalist and blogger, whose online confessions of personal, marital and professional misadventure, DIARY OF A FLEET STREET FOX was published by Constable and Robinson in 2012.

The blog itself is not currently accessible, but over the year that she was writing it, it became very popular and prompted frequent speculation about the identity of the pseudonymous Lillys Miles, whose experience of a car crash marriage and the ongoing excesses of tabloid journalism and the celebrity culture is brought to life in wonderfully fresh, direct, imaginative prose.

In short chapters of leanly crafted immediacy, Lillys grabs the reader by the lapels and sets out on a turbulent journey of heartbreak, deceit, humour, farce and frenzy.  There is jealousy and betrayal, violence and despair, but there’s also friendship and loyalty, family love, and above all a determination to survive.   It’s an extraordinarily compelling read with real vigour and originality.  It also contains photographs as documentary evidence of the extraordinary ritual New Year's Eve burning of Lillys's wedding dress. This is a highly entertaining true-life story from a very talented and extremely promotable writer.

When her book was published, the author revealed herself as Mirror journalist Susie Boniface.  Leaving the frenzy of London behind she now lives in a village in Kent.

Susie Boniface on BBC's Meet the Author

Susie Boniface on Question Time

Susie Boniface and the Royal Baby

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