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Submitting material

Annette Green Authors' Agency handles a variety of work including but not limited to


  • literary fiction 

  • general and mass market fiction, thrillers, comedies, horror

  • current affairs

  • history

  • science

  • politics 

  • popular culture (film, TV, sport, music etc) 

  • memoir

  • biography

  • older children's and teenage fiction


We do not usually handle science fiction or fantasy.  We do not consider poetry or dramatic scripts.


Please send a brief covering letter, a short synopsis and the opening few chapters, up to a maximum of about 10,000 words.

For non-fiction, please send a general overview of the project and a similar amount of sample text.

Please send word documents rather than pdfs.

Annette Green Authors' Agency

5 Henwoods Mount, Pembury, Kent TN2 4BH

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