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Writers' Resources and Editorial Services

In the modern publishing world the role of the commissioning editor has developed in such a way that he or she rarely has the time or resources to take on writing which needs substantial editorial work.  Increasingly, this role falls to the author's agent who will try to suggest revisions designed to improve the work's chances of publication.  This work is done before any material is submitted to an editor. 

However, as agents we rarely have time to offer detailed advice to authors whose work we don't feel able to take on.  To fill this gap we offer, at a reasonable cost, the expertise of a number of our published authors who are also very experienced as teachers of creative writing.  Find out more by visiting our Creative Writing Consultancy.



Writers' Resources


You Write On is a free to join website, funded by The Arts Council, which gives help and advice to aspiring writers and brings them to the attention of leading literary agents and publishers. This agency is an affiliate.  You Write On is an extremely valuable resource.


Writewords is an online community of writers accessible by subscription.  It offers a wide range of writers' resources - support, feedback, writers' groups, links to organisations who can help in the publishing process, opportunities to find freelance work and more.  It comes highly recommended by authors who have used it.




The Handbook of Creative Writing - Ed. S L Earnshaw (EUP 2007)

See 'The Role of the Literary Agent' page.



Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook (A&C Black).

Published annually.  Always refer to the current edition.


The Writer’s Handbook (Macmillan).

Published annually.  Always refer to the current edition.


The Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook (A&C Black).


Published annually.  Always refer to the current edition.





A number of our clients can offer help if you have a story to tell but neither the skill nor the experience to feel confident about telling it yourself.  Ghost-writing is a very common method of producing polished, professional, commercially successful works of non-fiction.

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