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Andrew Baker


Andrew is the editor of the Weekend section of The Daily Telegraph.   WHERE AM I AND WHO'S WINNING? is his first book - a travel book with an entirely unique angle: Andrew does not travel out of love or curiosity or a spirit of adventure, he travels because it is his job.  And the kind of travel his job involves is the kind that the average person will never experience.


In one year Andrew makes over fifty trips abroad to report on sporting events around the world for the Telegraph, where he has worked for many years.  Where Am I? tells the story of his development from beginner to veteran, starting at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and ending on the other side of the world at the Games four years later. 


This is a book aimed not at sports fans but at a wide general readership.  It is immensely funny, instructive and touching, packed with extraordinary characters and outlandish incidents set in the most diverse of locations.  And at the centre of it is the extremely likeable figure of Andrew Baker, a kind of everyman with a lap-top, who clearly loves what he does even though he constantly wonders why on earth he is doing it, when he ought to be at home with his wife, two daughters and dog.

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