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Anthea Church


Anthea’s novel FIRE-FLY, (Minerva Press 1995) was voted novel of the week by The Evening Standard. A complex book, it was greeted with critical acclaim. A.N Wilson opened his rave review with the words: ‘On the church notice board opposite the Evening Standard offices there is written the legend: “The streets of London are filled with mysteries and you are one.” The author of this remarkable fiction would no doubt agree.’

SLEEPING WITH MOZART (Virago (2010) was also praised, described by the Daily Mail as ‘an eccentric love story for grown-ups’.

Anthea has written widely on spirituality, her books ‘Inner Beauty’ and ‘Inner Space’ being translated into ten languages. She also writes non-fiction, critical essays.

She has been Head of English at Kent College, Pembury for eighteen years where she busts a gut trying to teach her students to master the elusive art of writing a fine sentence.

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