Tim Bradford

After the success of Is Shane McGowan Still Alive? and The Groundwater Diaries, Tim Bradford’s third non-fiction book is Small Town England, a memoir of music, girls, teenage angst and escape. 
Tim is 43 years old, and like many of us grew up in a quiet town with dreams of leaving it behind.  He became a teenager as Punk’s dying embers finally faded, leaving behind an amorphous, endlessly splintered ‘new wave’ scene.  Thanks to Punk’s do it yourself philosophy,
teenagers like Tim firmly believed that all you needed was a guitar and plenty of drive to escape the confines of small town life, to win the admiration of girls and grab fame and fortune. 
Tim’s account of the years from 1979 to 1983 in the sleepy Lincolnshire town of Market Rasen will chime with millions who remember so clearly what it was like to be a teenager at a time when the world was their oyster but the future was a clam.  It’s the story of Everyteen in Everytown.  True, funny, sad, poignant, moving, melancholic, it’s a book in which a whole generation can share the reflection of authentic experience, and which our children might one day read to understand what a bizarre foreign country we lived in as youngsters.
UK and Commonwealth rights: Ebury Press. 


Tim Bradford is a professional cartoonist and illustrator as well as a writer.
Tim's London Country Diary, a wonderfully imaginative mixture of anecdote, rumination and illustration was published by Icon Books in 2014.