Prof. Charles Pasternak

Charles Pasternak  Charles Pasternak


QUEST is a highly original contribution to the debate on Darwinism, DNA, genetics and the past and future development of human civilisation.  It is at once authoritative and accessible, combining erudition, enthusiasm and the infectious energy of the true polymath.  Not content with current thinking on how civilisation has developed, Professor Pasternak has addressed himself to the intractable question of why - a question that is philosophical, scientific and cultural.  In QUEST he propounds a compelling theory of how the chance collision of particular physical and mental attributes elevated an ordinary instinct for struggle into a form of human endeavour which has created and destroyed civilisations.  That same endeavour is still leading us into new and controversial areas of achievement: not least in the field of Genetic Modification, an issue discussed here with a bracing and robust directness.


Charles Pasternak is a distinguished biochemist based in London but renowned internationally.  He is also a member of the famous Pasternak family: his grandfather was Leonid, the impressionist painter, his uncle was Boris the Nobel prize winning novelist, his mother was Josephine the philosopher and his daughter is Anna, the writer.  He is, in fact, a perfect case study for the mystery of genetic inheritance.  He has previously published a number of academic books, but he is now ready to write for the wider audience which exists for high-quality popular science, and is working on his next book, about the shocking prevalence of scientific ignorance amongst the leaders and institutions of the world.


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