Peter Shapiro



Peter is a very well respected music journalist and TURN THE BEAT AROUND is a book which, for the first time, tells the full and extraordinary story of the musical, cultural, social and sartorial phenomenon that was Disco.


As Peter explains, Disco was far more than the cartoonish construct as which it has so often been dismissed over the past twenty years.  It brought about a revolution in popular culture, in the club scene, in social and sexual attitudes, in black consciousness, in the very fabric of the entertainment industry.  And if you sit down again now and listen to some of the records that Peter so eloquently describes here, you will realise that, at its best, Disco gave us some of the finest popular music ever recorded.  In TURN THE BEAT AROUND Peter tells the whole story, from the ‘60s to today, using a huge amount of original interview material with the people who made it all happen, as well as his own powerfully argued analysis of its impact on music, culture and society.


Peter is an expert on soul music, funk, world music, hip hop, rap and drum ‘n’ bass. His writing has appeared in many leading publications such as Time Out, The Wire and the NME as well as several national newspapers.  He has also written a number of books in the Rough Guide music series.


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