Alex Pheby


Grace  tells the story of Peterman, an inmate at Greenwood Walls secure hospital, whose dramatic escape leaves him seriously injured, lost in the snow.  Half delirious, he encounters an old woman and a young girl who live deep in the nearby forest.  Peterman stays with them as he convalesces, and an extraordinary relationship develops between the three tragically damaged people, until circumstances propel Peterman and the Girl back to the harsh world of the city.  For Peterman, the Girl represents all the love, trust and beauty that has been missing from his life – she represents his second, and last, chance.  How could he possibly survive her loss and to what lengths will he go to prevent it?


In luminous, lyrical prose, Alex Pheby has created a powerful tale of love, danger and madness, in a world on the fringes of reality.  With the urgency of hyper-realism and the rich strangeness of a fairy tale, Grace  is an unforgettable work of literary fiction.
UK and Commonwealth rights: Two Ravens Press