Matt Carrell


Matt worked in finance in the Far East for some twenty years.  The depth of his experience and knowledge is worn lightly, but with utter plausibility.

‘Vortex’ tells the story of Andy Duncan, young, dynamic, but ever so slightly naïve, who stumbles into the world of hedge funds through the gentle steering of his father, a Compliance Officer for a major international fund. The gradual abandonment of what seem like small and inconvenient principles leads him to the top of his company, where the money to be made is dizzying. He knows that insider trading is wrong, but he starts to realize that the authorities may be the least of his worries as his world of high finance and fast living is invaded by some of the most brutal gangsters in the world.

‘Vortex’ also tells the story of Prem Boonamee, a young Thai who will do anything to make his way in the criminal underworld. But when he has to sacrifice his beloved girlfriend to protect his future it sets him on a downward path of Faustian proportions, every bit as uncontrollable and unpredictable as Andy Duncan’s journey into darkness. In the parallel worlds of organized crime and global finance, untold wealth is the prize, but life is cheap and treachery is everywhere. Bursting with surprises and seat-edge tension, where double cross piles on double cross and no one is quite who they seem, ‘Vortex’ is a fantastic read from a major new talent.

The novel is already in development as a film project with a committed team of backers who have already invested £100,000 in the screenplay and the highly respected TV and film director Nick Copus on board.