David Osmond


1976: Somerset is a coming of age memoir by David 'Donny' Osmond.

If you were in the UK in 1976 you’ll remember very well that most extraordinary of summers, which stretched its heatwave from February to September, precipitating drought, water shortages and the appearance of communal standpipes. It was also the year that the punk movement exploded on the streets of Britain’s cities. But if, like David Osmond, you were a teenager growing up in the rural depths of Somerset, your experience of that summer will have been very different. For David it was a time of striving for the elusive elements that made up 1970s comings of age: girls, motorbikes, beer, dances, disco, funk, soul and Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

This is a memoir for everyone who was there but also for everyone who wasn’t and can’t quite believe what a different world the Britain of 1976 was.