Amanda Keats


Amanda's first novel 'The Pairing' is an unnerving and gripping addition to the broad genre of dystopian science fiction, in which the sci-fi is light, the dystopia unexplained, and the focus is firmly fixed on its large ensemble of sympathetic characters. A picture of humanity at the end of its tether, in a world of privation, danger, suspicion and violence, where there is also companionship, dedication, love and hope.

Our heroine is Soldier, rescued as a small child, from the robbers who killed her parents, by the enigmatic and ruthless General Toi. She grows to be his most trusted and gifted warrior, dispassionate and efficient in the execution of her military duties. But when she falls prey to the almost folkloric phenomenon of ‘the pairing’ and experiences the awakening of love for another human being all her certainties are swept away and she finds herself on the run, in hiding, and, ultimately, on the attack.

She and the band of survivors she joins are looking for peace and security, but also answers to the deepest existential questions about where they are, why they are here, and what kind of future they can build?

Amanda is a desk editor at a London publishing house and her professional skills have contributed to the writing of tremendously assured and ingenious debut novel.

Amanda is currently working with our film associate on a TV deal for a series with the producers behind the NetFlix series SENSE8 for which she has written the pilot.