Jane Kerr


Jane is a radio producer for BBC Radio, based at MediaCity in Salford.  She has over twenty years' experience in print and broadcast journalism.  Her debut novel for children, THE ELEPHANT WALK, was acquired by the man who first published the Harry Potter books and will be published by Chicken House in 2017.

This utterly charming and compelling novel set in Scotland and England in 1872 and based on a true story is built from the finest elements of classical story-telling.  The arduous all-or-nothing physical quest of a zoo elephant’s 200 mile walk from Edinburgh to Manchester mirrors the personal journeys of its wonderfully realized characters, including the young, mute and lonely but resourceful pickpocket Danny, the bold and forthright but emotionally vulnerable Hetty, and the noble but damaged elephant Maharajah.  There is danger, drama, mystery, transgression and redemption.  This is a potential modern classic of children’s fiction.

Her second novel, The Great Animal Escapade, is a sequel and is also published by Chicken House.