Joanna Price


When not writing crime novels Joanna is a copywriter . She lives near Glastonbury with her husband and two children. She is the author of the Kate Linton crime series of which the first two books are published by Aston Bay Press.

The first is A MEANS OF ESCAPE. On a grizzly and cold November morning. Detective Sergeant Kate Linton is called on Glastonbury Tor where a young woman has been strangled. Twelve holes are found at the scene, surrounded by wax, evidence of garden flares - the only connection to two other unsolved cases. When another young woman and a TV celebrity go missing, Linton is in a race against time to find the serial killer before he strikes again. But, when her journalist ex-boyfriend is singled out as a chief suspect, Linton feels that events are heading a bit too close to home. A Means of Escape presents an intricate, gripping mystery plot, combined with a focus on the heroine's personal life as she juggles an unwelcome attraction for her good-looking and charismatic superior with her efforts to become closer to her estranged family.

The sequel is EENY MEENY MINY MOE. One murdered celebrity. One improbable suspect. A serial rapist on the loose. Linton and Brown's most complex case yet... When former supermodel, Lauren Hampton, is found suffocated in the drawing room of her Glastonbury mansion, DS Kate Linton and her superior, DI Rob Brown, begin one of the most intricate investigations of their career. Set against the backdrop of a series of vicious rapes, the truth about Hampton's past gradually emerges, along with the clues as to who and why someone may have wanted her dead. Full of twists and turns, suspects and red herrings, this contemporary 'who-dunnit' is as much about resolving the relationship between Linton and her charismatic superior, as it is about solving a crime.