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Welcome to the home page for our creative writing services.  Here you can get access to an unrivalled wealth of editorial knowledge, experience, assistance and advice.


The Problem

Annette Green Authors’ Agency is a successful independent literary agency.  Over the years the nature of the agent’s role has developed so that we now often find ourselves working editorially with our clients on their work.  This doesn’t leave much time for us to give worthwhile editorial help to the many aspiring authors who submit their work to us.

The struggle to find a publisher or even an agent is therefore made even harder by the lack of any reliable feedback.  So we came up with an answer.


The Solution

Among our clients there is a growing number of people who, as well as being successfully published authors in their own right, also have substantial experience as creative writing tutors, for Universities, Colleges and other institutions like the prestigious Arvon Foundation.

For a very competitive fee, you can have your work placed with one of these highly skilled writers and teachers, who – according to the level of service you’ve requested – will provide you with invaluable editorial advice.

There’s really no substitute for the kind of sound editorial guidance that our readers can give you.  It can make the difference between a piece of work that is competent but compromised and one that really stands a chance of getting published.

We can’t turn base metal into gold of course: you’ve got to have the ability and determination. But if you’ve read this far then you’re clearly serious about your writing.

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The Team

Our team of expert tutors includes




Harriet Griffey

Bill Broady

Bill Broady

Maria McCann

Maria McCann


Ian Marchant

Jane Rusbridge

Jane Rusbridge


Frances Kay


Tim Bradford


More tutors will be

joining us soon.




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