Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle  MarkDoyle

Mark Doyle is writing UNDER THE SAME SKY, which is a very personal account of a tragic period in recent African history.  As a long-serving BBC correspondent Mark has intimate knowledge and experience of some of the most savage conflicts of modern times, and examines at first hand the phenomenon of the ‘failed state’. 


The book is full of horror but also of heroism and of the most incongruous moments of humour – such as the rebel carrying his AK47 dressed in a woman’s bathrobe, or the image of Mark turning up the volume on Teletubbies to drown out the sounds of gunfire in the square below his family’s apartment. 


As its sub-title - Good Guys and Bad Guys in the Failed States of Africa - suggests, this book does not simply shock and condemn  - it celebrates and praises as well.  Alongside the evils of internecine warfare, Mark finds the deepest humanity and friendship.  He takes us on a fascinating journey behind the headlines to a world at once indescribably alien and strangely familiar.