Jenny Newman



Jenny Newman's first two novels, GOING IN and LIFE CLASS (Hamish Hamilton and Chatto respectively) were published to widespread success and acclaim.  HERITAGE  is her finest novel yet, an utterly gripping tale set in a remote French Pyrenean village where a well-intentioned, emotionally vulnerable English woman finds herself in conflict with the suspicious, secretive and increasingly malevolent local community.


Eleanor moves to the village of Montberger with her husband and his two children.  In her role as an EU representative she is to oversee the establishment of an EU-funded cultural project: a community play about the history of the village.  But very soon, amidst the gradual disintegration of her marriage, she begins to feel isolated by the growing hostility of those around her, and when she embarks on an affair with a member of the despised local Moslem community she sets in motion a shocking sequence of events that will lead to a truly horrific climax.  Compelling, disturbing and unforgettable, this is a major new commercial novel from a writer and story-teller of prodigious talent.


Jenny Newman is head of the Centre for Writing at Liverpool John Moores University.  In addition to her novels she has written and edited several academic works and books on creative writing.


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