Helen Newall



THE MEMORY OF WATER is a rich and complex literary psychological mystery, set on the wild and remote Scottish island of Skerrey.  The intricate and compelling narrative which unfolds tells the story of a dangerous and bizarre triangular relationship.  This is an electrifying tale of mystery, romance and murder, dealing with the elusive and disruptive nature of memory, the destructive power of obsession, and the madness that lies at the heart of passionate love.  Lyrical, intense, dramatic and utterly original, it is a very powerful and important work.  The script includes the author’s evocative photographic illustrations.


Helen Newall is a playwright who has been commissioned to write some twenty plays which have been performed in both repertory and regional community theatres.  She has earned an MA in Creative Writing and THE MEMORY OF WATER has been submitted for her PhD at Liverpool John Moores University.


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