David Evans

david evans 


A TOUCH OF THE SUN is a different kind of novel about South Africa.  It is set around the time of the Sharpeville massacres, amongst the, poor, white working class community.  Simon Brown is its hero: a small-town boy, he is selfish and opportunistic – cowardly, even – and a believer in white supremacy.  He dreams of money, power, fun, sexual promiscuity and a beautiful bride, and sees Black South African aspirations as an insolent irrelevance.  However, when post-Sharpeville South Africa drifts into increasing violence, Simon’s ambitions crumble as his turbulent temperament, a growing passion for his wayward, activist sister and his fascination for an Asian girl clash chaotically with his growing political awareness.  Simon is at breaking point, caught as he is between the Black/White divide, with devastating consequences. 


This is a powerful and intellectually rigorous literary debut of political and sexual intrigue, told with scarifying lucidity. 


David Evans has won awards for his short stories (Ian St James, thrice) and had plays performed in South Africa, where he served 5 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities.   Before leaving he worked as a journalist and advertising copywriter.  He gained a BA in prison, and then an MPhil at Oxford and was a lecturer at LiverpoolUniversity before leaving to write full time.  David is currently writing his second novel.