Charlotte Ashby

CA shot 2

Charlotte grew up in Cheltenham and studied English at Newnham College, Cambridge. She worked in journalism and PR in London for 25 years and after 10 years running her own PR agency, moved to the countryside, where she now lives in Oxfordshire, with her husband, twins and 26 pets.

She wrote her first novel ‘Girls Like Us’ in 2012, a comedy about two twenty something girls misbehaving in London and based very much on her own experiences of the PR industry.

Her second novel ‘Forgiving Bernadette’ centres on a very ordinary 43 year old housewife in the grip of a serious mid-life crisis. When Bernadette accidentally saves the life of a suicidal teenager on camera, the dramatic clifftop rescue captures the public imagination. She is catapulted into a heady world of instant celebrity, personal shoppers, TV interviews, money and fame. But can it last? Because Bernadette has a secret she has buried for half her life. Twenty years ago she was in the papers for a very different reason. She did something so shocking, she only avoided a prison sentence on the grounds of mental instability and with constant media scrutiny and the power of social media, it’s only a matter of time before she is found out.