Caroline Adams



Caroline Adams is a graduate of the creative writing MA at Lancaster. Her first novel Taking Something Small is set in a fictitious African country and tells the utterly vivid and compelling story of an idealistic and over-zealous aid worker, Corrie Campbell, and the forces that surround her.


In love with the poet and wanderer, Bashir, she must decide whether to follow him and his dreams of fame and acceptance in the West or to remain behind in the desert settlements to raise the abandoned orphan, placed in her arms the day the bomb went off and everything changed.


As paths cross and re-cross, the baby’s mother returns and the policeman Macharia whom she so boldly faced down at the road block must be confronted once more. When the right thing to do becomes the wrong thing to do, questions are inevitably raised about the nature of identity, belonging and loss.


The author has worked in film production in Kenya.  She currently lives in Brighton and teaches creative writing for the Open University.


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